Unlock Belt & Road Opportunities with BRI Connect in Eikon

The immense scale of the Belt and Road Initiative presents a unique set of opportunities – and risks – for global financial professionals, investors and asset managers. Access to trusted, holistic BRI information is critical.

BRI Connect is part of a suite of tools that provides access to comprehensive information including macroeconomic, market, financing, and geopolitical and operational risk data on BRI related countries, organizations and projects.

Available exclusively through Eikon, BRI Connect helps financial professionals to:

  • monitor $2 trillion worth of projects
  • access unparalleled coverage of financing deals and primary capital markets
  • better understand where to invest in BRI
  • secure accurate, up-to-date country risk ratings
  • mitigate counterparty exposure in cross-border transactions on over 3500 BRI related organizations
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  • BRI Connect Brochure

    Learn more about the Belt & Road Initiative and how Refinitiv can help financial professions unlock its opportunities. 

  • Belt & Road Initiative: 9 Overlooked Facts

    With investment in BRI reshaping global commerce, here are nine facts that are often overlooked when evaluating the opportunities and challenges.

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Already an Eikon user? Search "BRI" to access the app.

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