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Understanding the true scope, nature and impact of risks may be the greatest challenge organizations face today. Consolidating, monitoring and analyzing vast amounts of risk data from a range of internal and external technologies is an overwhelming and costly task. Organizations need to ensure that the individual needs of different functions are supported by enabling continued use of separate technologies while connecting them in a way that produces a holistic view of risk to support informed business decisions. 

  • Read the OCEG article “Seven Essential Skills of Success” to understand what it takes to be a successful organization.     
  • Review the OCEG illustration “Gaining Agility with a Connected View of Risk” to learn how you can leverage technology to improve the internal audit function and operate as a trusted adviser.

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  • Connected Risk Platform

    Connected Risk is the next-generation risk management software platform that connects internal and external information on the risks that matter, enabling you to truly understand the challenges your business faces, identify critical exposures and take appropriate action. A truly integrated platform, Connected Risk enables the connection of processes and information across all assurance functions. This new technology addresses the shortcomings of previous generation Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions. Learn more >

  • Audit Management

    Audit Management, a solution on the Connected Risk Platform, provides the nimble approach required to serve business leaders, operational management, audit committees, and regulators. You can access the impact of business disruptions, capitalize on change and help business partners through strategic decisions - operating as a trusted advisor. Learn more >

    • Leverage disparate technologies for a holistic view of risk
    • Identify emerging and potential risks
    • Drive collaboration with shared information and analyses
    • Provide assurance with less cost and burden on the business
    • Gain expanded visibility to target audits more efficiently
  • Operational and Enterprise Risk Management

    Risk Management, a solution on the Connected Risk platform, employs powerful data mapping capabilities to draw on many sources of data when completing risk management assessments. Benefit from tracking a full history of multiple risk profiles, while leveraging and integrating existing risk solutions to achieve an aggregated view of risk. Connected Risk Management equips organizations with the tools needed to quickly identify, capture, manage and mitigate multiple sources of risk across the entire enterprise, helping you ensure strong operational and enterprise risk management programs, with the alignment of culture and business strategy. Learn More >


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