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Webinar | Case scenario: multi asset portfolio in turbulence, how to beat alpha  

How to ensure you're meeting mandates and stress-testing portfolios to mitigate any potential shocks? At a time of great uncertainty and volatility in the markets, how do you keep your portfolios aligned with your investment objectives and keep your clients satisfied? 

Fill in the form to watch the complimentary webinar with Refinitiv experts and learn from real case scenario how to use the most complete and trusted data available to stay on top of market movements. Topics covered include:

  • How to choose assets 
  • The importance of back testing 
  • How to evaluate OTC instruments and include structure products
  • How to keep a tuned portfolio?
  • What if black swan is not here yet?

Webinar details
Duration: 80 minutes
Language: English


  • Petr Scucinsky | Proposition sales, Investment & Advisory, CEE
  • Elmar Voggenhuber | Proposition sales, Investment & Advisory, CEE
  • Alrun (Ali) Mayer | Proposition Sales PRS, Investment & Advisory, CEE

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