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2020 AI & Machine Learning Research Report: APAC trends the world needs to watch
As AI and machine learning (AI/ML) in financial services matures and data scientists adopt a more strategic role, a new global research report from Refinitiv reveals how firms are doubling down on their investments to gain an edge. This lively panel discussion, that took place during the Singapore FinTech Festival, will dig in to the Asia Pacific results of the report to pick out the top AI/ML trends that the rest of the world needs to watch.

In the first AI/ML survey published by Refinitiv almost two years ago, 75% of companies were investing in AI/ML. Today, it's interesting to see that this number has increased, and that in many organizations the adoption of AI/ML has accelerated, with many projects already implemented. We've moved from hype to reality.  and use cases now a reality.

In addition, while the main blockers for AI/ML adoption were previously due to finding investment and talent, this year's research shows that these challenges have largely been solved for, allowing organizations to focus on building data strategies instead.

Unsurprisingly, the report also shows that COVID-19 upset AI/ML models, and is set to drive-up investment, as organizations look to build and train models that are ready for more black swan events.

Refinitiv Labs will be joined by our expert panelists to take a deep dive in to what the results of the survey mean for organizations in Asia - and the rest of the world.

On the agenda:
  • How COVID-19 has fast-tracked and improved AI/ML model building in Asia
  • The business cases: capitalising on AI/ML investment research, idea generation and green finance
  • APAC as the breeding ground for the financial data science talent of the future  
Event info
Time:  1 hour
Location:  Virtual Session - login details shared after registration

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Our Speakers
Paul Oreto
Global Research AI/ML Team
Jason Tu
Co-Founder & CEO MioTech
Neil Thompson Research Scientist
MIT Computer Science and AI Lab 
Sanjna Parasrampuria
Head of Refinitiv Labs, Asia 
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COVID-19 has only made data-driven strategies and investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) more critical. As previous challenges related to talent, technology and funding have diminished, firms have built a strong foundation to implement machine learning at scale. The growth of the data science community – both in size and influence – is a key driving force behind these developments.

However, data quality and accessibility issues continue to disrupt machine learning strategies, and only businesses that can harness quality data and data science expertise to deploy their models at speed will gain a competitive edge.