The Role of Analytics & Media Sentiment During Volatility

The pandemic and ensuing market volatility can lead to irrational behavior within the financial markets. Combined with the speed of today’s information across a variety of mediums, including social media, it can be difficult for advisors to keep up pace. Understanding how investors react to various events, news, and how it impacts the advisor's clients, investments, and their practice is paramount. The disciplines of market psychology and behavioral finance are increasingly becoming an integral part of the wealth management marketplace and investment management process driven by data analytics and AI. 

View this webcast to understand the definition and role market psychology plays in wealth management.

What you'll learn:

  • Examples of how information can impact emotions, change investment behavior, and influence market prices
  • How wealth management firms and advisors are incorporating intelligence and media sentiment in their practices
  • Sources of support, news, and media sentiment tools

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Meet our speakers
Christopher Sparke 

Global Head of Advisory Solutions

In this role, Christopher is focused on the entire wealth management workflow, working with technology, cloud capabilities, AI and unstructured content to support the digital transformation for wealth managers. He has been with Refinitiv for more than 12 years in various strategic global roles, from managing the advisory and investment business for Europe to expanding buy-side capabilities to financial and risk market development. 
Richard Peterson, M.D.


Richard Peterson is CEO of MarketPsych Data which produces psychological and macroeconomic data derived from text analytics of news and social media. MarketPsych’s data is consumed by the world’s largest hedge funds, banks, and governments. Dr. Peterson is psychiatrist and an award-winning financial writer, an associate editor of the Journal of Behavioral Finance, has published widely in academia, and performed postdoctoral neuroeconomics research at Stanford University.
Sarlota Hohwald

Director, Data Platform Proposition

Sarlota focuses on the delivery of cross-asset content, data management and workflow capabilities for the Wealth Management community delivered across the Refinitiv Data Platform. She has been with Refinitiv for over 19 years in various roles -- from Product Management of Data feeds serving the Investment Banking and Wealth Management audience, Global Partnerships technical account management and Proposition Management for the Wealth Digital Solutions & Online Investor Portal services.
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