Need help to simplify your single name one-time screening process?

Our new World-Check One API Zero Footprint Screening helps you to comply with your anti-money laundering regulation and financial crime legislation and meet your risk screening obligations.

Our API provides a lightweight but effective solution, for one-time single name screening, against our industry-leading World-Check Risk Intelligence data to help inform your decision making process.  Our API screens without creating neither a permanent external record of the screening results nor unnecessary processing of personal information. 

Furthermore, the solution can integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow tools and performs checks with speed and efficiency.

Our World-Check One API Zero Footprint Screening:

  • Is Cloud-based
  • Offers ease of integration into workflow solutions
  • Has no tracking nor ongoing screening
  • Leaves no permanent record
  • World-Check Risk Intelligence

    Help protect your business from financial crime and reduce risk by fulfilling your KYC due diligence screening obligations with accurate and structured information. World-Check Risk Intelligence is used and trusted by the world’s biggest companies.

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