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Building an Open and Trustworthy Alt Data Ecosystem

Alternative data, or “alt data”, has been commonly discussed in the offices of hedge funds and other investment firms for years, but we have seen a spike in interest from the broader community recently.

Its definition is still unclear, with some market participants seeing it as a new approach to creating investment insights and value from exhaust data, generated as a side effect of other operations and transactions. And other seeing it as simply a new element of the buzz about big data in investment research.

With this in mind Refinitiv teamed up with the Open Data Institute (ODI) and put together a report outlining:

  • A definition of “alternative data”
  • How alt data is currently being accessed, used and shared
  • Ethical and legal considerations in alt data
  • Improving access to alt data
  • Recommendations and next steps for alt data providers and users

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