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Proudly sponsored by Refinitiv, here you will find featured sessions from this years Reuters Breakingviews’ 2021 edition, "The World Emerges", focusing on how companies, governments and markets are pivoting to a new normalcy after the Covid-19 pandemic provoked unprecedented lockdowns.

Will the Market Boom Continue after COVID?

While the global economy has contracted during the Covid-19 crisis, financial markets have been booming. Breakingviews EMEA Editor Peter Thal Larsen will chair a wide-ranging panel discussion with executives from BlackRock, Robeco, Investcorp and Inclusive Capital Management to determine what risks and opportunities lie ahead in the coming year for stocks, private equity, fixed income, emerging markets and other asset classes.

How Europe will Rebound from the Pandemic

Paolo Gentiloni, the EU Commissioner for Economy and Italy’s former prime minister, will join Breakingviews columnists Lisa Jucca and Rob Cox to discuss how the European Commission plans to boost economic growth among its member states as the Covid-19 crisis recedes and millions of Europeans are vaccinated. Among the key topics for discussion is how the EU member states can most effectively invest the $750 billion earmarked for recovery to make their economies more sustainable and resilient.
Building more Resilient Societies and Economies

The Covid-19 crisis tested world’s liberal democracies, challenging their political and health systems, increasing their indebtedness and pulling at the social fabric in ways unseen for a generation. Meantime China managed to grow despite having been the epicenter of the disease. Oliver Baete, the chief executive of Allianz, the largest European insurer, discusses what lessons the West should learn from 2020 in an exclusive sit-down with Rob Cox.
The Changing Face of Indian Banking

India’s HDFC Bank has become one of the most richly valued banks in the world, sporting a market value of $100 billion, and has consistently grown loans by 20% a year. In this session, Aditya Puri, who recently retired as HDFC’s chief executive, sits down with Breakingviews India Editor Una Galani to discuss digital innovation and how HDFC managed to avoid the bad loan crisis that trapped many of its competitors.

Reuters Breakingviews Predictions 2021: The World Emerges – Predictions and Prescriptions for the Year Ahead

Nearly everything that could go wrong did. The pandemic threw plans – and predictions – out the window. As the world emerges and maybe slingshots into a Roaring Twenties rebound, old appetites will return. But the divisions Covid-19 exposed in our societies can’t be forgotten. The new year is on the horizon with markets supercharged by the unprecedented pace and success of vaccine science. Billions of people need to be inoculated to ensure the virus no longer threatens vulnerable members of society or poses an existential threat to renewed economic growth. Governments around the world must figure out how to wind down their massive stimulus packages.

Breakingviews is once again launching their annual effort to guide readers through the trends and events that they believe will shape behaviour, economies and asset prices in the coming year.
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