On-demand webinar: The EU and the Coronavirus – make or break?

The European Union’s economic response to COVID-19 has not been as fast or far-reaching as other major economies, inevitable perhaps for the rule-based 27-member bloc and it’s euro currency zone.  The southern states, led by Italy and Spain are calling for a big step to save their stricken economies: mutualised debt in the form of a Coronavirus bond. Germany and other northern states are opposed. 

Should the EU move closer to full economic union? Might the virus widen fault-lines and fuel a rise in anti-European sentiment? Which member states and industries are best, or least, well equipped for recovery? 


Mark Bendich Europe News Editor, Reuters

[MODERATOR] Richard Mably Head of News Performance, Refinitiv

Richard Mably joined Refinitiv in January as Head of News Performance after 33 years as a financial reporter and editor, 25 of them at Reuters where he specialised in energy and spent many happy years chasing oil ministers at OPEC meetings. He was Global Commodities and Energy editor at Reuters from 1997 to 2013, editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa from 2014-2016 and Global Editor for Financial Markets, Commodities and Energy from 2017-2019. Before that he worked for Lloyds of London Press, Platts – where he set the cash price of Brent before futures took off – and AP-Dow Jones.


Sherry Madera Chief of Industry and Government Affairs, Refinitiv 

Sherry Madera joined Refinitiv (formed from the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters) as the Global Head of Industry and Government Affairs in March 2019, based in London.
Refinitiv is a Global financial data business which operates in a global, highly dynamic environment with clear geo-political, regulatory and market structure risks and opportunities. In this role, Sherry and her team will engage across government, policy initiatives, industry trends and regulatory developments.
Sherry joined Refinitiv from City of London where she was Economic Ambassador to Asia and Special Advisor. Sherry worked closely with Industry and government on Financial Services topics including Sustainability/Green Finance, Fin Tech, Currency internationalization and Regulation.
Previously, as Minister-Counsellor and Director at the British Embassy in Beijing, Sherry was responsible for promoting trade and investment between the UK and China through her team based in cities throughout mainland China, Hong Kong and London. Her particular focus is on Financial and Business Services and the Technology sectors, as key industries of cross border growth.  She played a leading role in the regular UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogues, and Prime Ministerial Summits, and the once in a decade President Xi’s visit to the UK, and helps develop policy objectives as well as inward and outward investment opportunities between the UK and Asia.

Sujata Rao-Coverley Deputy Markets and Financial Services Editor, EMEA, Reuters

Sujata is Deputy Markets and Financial Services Editor, EMEA, at Reuters. She started her journalism career in Moscow at an expat paper called The Moscow Times after completing a post-graduate degree in Russian. After covering the 1998 Russian crisis, Sujata joined Reuters then transferred to its Central Asia bureau which was headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She then spent four years on the energy desk in London. Since 2005, Sujata has been on the EMEA markets team in a variety of roles. She speaks Russian, Spanish, Farsi and some Indian languages.  

Peter Thal Larsen EMEA Editor, Breakingviews, Reuters 

Peter Thal Larsen is EMEA Editor Reuters Breakingviews, the award-winning provider of financial insight. Based in London, he leads a team of columnists covering corporate finance, banking, economics, markets and policy in the region.

Between 2012 and 2016, Peter was Asia Editor, spearheading Breakingviews’ expansion in the region. Based in Hong Kong, he led a team of columnists and wrote about topics ranging from China’s growing debt problem, Japan’s attempted economic revival, Indian banks, cross-border mergers, and the future of Hong Kong.

Peter joined Reuters in June 2009 from the Financial Times, where he worked for 10 years. Between 2005 and 2009 he was the FT’s banking editor, leading the paper’s award-winning coverage of global banking during the credit crunch.

Between 2000 and 2004 Peter was based in New York, where he covered Wall Street and the media business, and played a leading role in the FT’s coverage of the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath.

Peter was the winner of the “Best in Business” award for international commentary for 2013, awarded by the Society of American Business Writers and Editors.

A Dutch national, Peter has degrees from Bristol University and the London School of Economics.

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