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China has grown over the last two decades to become the world’s second largest economy.  Refinitiv is well positioned to provide invaluable market data on China, our financial platforms have expanded along with this burgeoning economy. Our market leading coverage ensures we can help you to navigate through the opportunities and risks this region is now presenting, depending on your market focus.

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EIKON - platform and real-time feeds

We have a wealth of data on the chinese markets for investment, insight and research purposes. This data can be managed and analyzed through our platforms.


Belt and Road initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an unprecedented program building strategic infrastructure projects across Asia, Europe, Americas, the Middle East and Africa. The Refinitiv BRI app offers real business intelligence into the 2,600 investment opportunities across the globe involving more than 3,500 organizations.



Datastream has the most comprehensive global financial historical time series, with market-leading charting capabilities integrated with Microsoft® Office, used by renowned economists, strategists and research communities.



Rise of China our podcast series in partnership with Fathom looks at the growth of China to the world’s second largest economy.

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