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Unleash the full potential of Eikon
with Data API

Unleash the full potential of Eikon
with Data API

Want to seek efficiency gains or create an edge? Do you want to perform data analysis, models, and visualizations using Python?

Come and join our experts who will inspire you to unlock your ideas and imagination with Refinitiv’s easy to use Data API. We will demonstrate how the API brings a brand-new experience to Eikon users who want to power-up their desktop applications and scripts with Refinitiv content. 

We will show you use cases of our Data API, how to get started, and access the resources available in the Refinitiv Developer Community.
Webinar Information
Date:  On-Demand
Time:  1 hour, 17 minutes
Location:  Fill out the form and get the instant on-demand webinar recording
Topic:  Unleash the full potential of Eikon with Data API

Leonid Sopotnitskiy – Director, Eikon Platform, Emerging & Frontier Markets

Leonid is responsible for the Eikon platform proposition in Emerging Markets and he manages the Data API offering at Refinitiv. He has a background in financial markets, quantitative analytics as well as product management.

Alan Tam – Customer Success Management, Asia

Alan is one of the key Developer Advocates for Refinitiv Data Platform in Asia who is familiar with our range of financial market data APIs. He has a software development background with product management experience.


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