We are entering the 'second wave' of the pandemic, but the world is in expansion mode, potentially recovering half of the GDP that was lost earlier in the year. Will this nascent recovery go into reverse, run out of steam, or gather momentum? And what will be the effects on your investments?

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Kevin Loane - Head of US - Fathom

 Kevin currently leads Fathom’s US office, managing Fathom’s US clients and leading Fathom’s coverage of the US economy. Kevin has also led major consultancy projects, including ongoing work assessing the evolving Sino-US economic and geopolitical relationship.
Kevin graduated with a degree in economics from McGill University in 2010 and first joined Fathom in 2011 as an economist covering the US economy. After returning to his country of birth, Ethiopia, for a short time, he re-joined Fathom in August 2016.

Franita Neuville - Proposition Sales Director, Research & Portfolio Management - Refinitiv

Franita has 16 years’ experience in financial markets and is responsible for setting Refinitiv’s strategy for the Research & Portfolio Management and Benchmarks & Indices propositions in Europe, Middle East & Africa to enable the provision of innovative technology platforms to financial institutions.
Franita works with clients and partners to co-create innovative, digital content capabilities at the intersection of fintech and platform solutions. The growth of the financial markets in Europe, Middle East & Africa is her passion and as such, Franita partners with Asset Managers, Stockbrokers and key industry influencers such as exchanges and financial industry organizations, to enhance and build financial markets in the region.
Prior to joining Refinitiv (back then Thomson Reuters) in May 2016, Franita was the Head of Research Sales at NOAH Capital Markets and previously a Business Development Manager and Investment Consultant for Nedgroup Investments.
Franita holds an M.Comm in Economics from the University of Stellenbosch and is a CFA Charterholder.

Paul Bacon - Director Content Management, Economics & Datastream - Refinitiv [Moderator]

Paul currently leads the Datastream Product & Content Management function within the Investment & Advisory sector at Refinitiv and is based in London, United Kingdom. He has worked within Refinitiv for 20 years and held several roles all linked to the Datastream service for which he is passionate about.  Paul worked in the Content & Product Management function for a number of those years and have been leading the expansion in Economics content & delivering Refinitiv tools and data through new interfaces.

Leara Gabay - Marketing Manager - Fathom

Leara Gabay manages PR, marketing and events for Fathom Consulting. She is responsible for maintaining Fathom’s brand integrity among all marketing initiatives and communications across the broad range of independent research and consultancy projects carried out by the company.
Leara organises all of Fathom’s virtual and physical events, sharing Fathom’s insights through interactivepresentations and thought-leadership sessions. These include regular events all over the world in partnership with Refinitiv, one of Fathom’s longest-standing clients.


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