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To better understand the economic and financial impact of COVID-19, complete the form to listen to our complimentary webinar hosted by Refinitiv and Fathom Consulting, a Refinitiv partner with a dedicated team of economists and financial market analysts monitoring the outbreak.

Fathom believes the pandemic could spark the biggest global recession since the 1930s and lead to a post-war record decline in GDP in the first half of 2020. Their central view was that this would be followed by a strong rebound in the second half of the year. The former has since become consensus, but there is an exceptionally high degree of uncertainty around what happens next and how it will vary across different countries in the EMEA region in terms of timing, severity, and the policy response.

Listen to this complimentary webinar that will shed light on the type of recovery that lies ahead: V-shaped (quick sharp bounceback), U-shaped (delayed bounceback) or L-shaped (protracted economic slump).

Topics to be discussed:

  1. Economic scenarios
  2. What have we learned about the economic impact?
  3. What have we learned about the policy response?
  4. How does the situation vary across EMEA?
  5. Conclusion
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    45 minutes


Kevin Loane Senior Economist - Fathom Consulting

Kevin currently leads Fathom’s US office, managing Fathom’s US clients and leading various major consultancy projects, including ongoing work assessing the economic and geopolitical relationship between the US and China. Kevin has also produced a wide range of research on key emerging economies, including Brazil, India and Russia.   Kevin graduated with a degree in economics from McGill University in 2010 and first joined Fathom in 2011 as an economist covering the US economy. After returning to his country of birth, Ethiopia, for a short time, he re-joined Fathom in August 2016. 

Brian Davidson Senior Economist - Fathom Consulting

Brian joined Fathom Consulting in May 2016. He leads Fathom’s climate-related research and coverage of emerging markets, with a focus on Africa. He has led several major consultancy projects including Fathom’s Financial Vulnerability Indicator (FVI), a proprietary tool used to assess financial vulnerabilities across 177 counties.   Brian has more than ten years’ experience working in financial markets, including economic analysis, financial model development, investment strategy, credit and equity research. His previous employers include Moody’s, the Financial Times and The National Investor.   Now London-based, he has previously worked in Africa, South America and the Middle East. He is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and holds an MSc Finance from Birkbeck College, University of London, and is a CFA charter holder. 

Paul Bacon Director of Datastream Product & Content Management

Paul currently leads the Datastream Product & Content Management function within the Investment & Advisory sector at Refinitiv and is based in London, United Kingdom. He has worked within Refinitiv for 20 years and held several roles all linked to the Datastream service for which he is passionate about.  Paul worked in the Content & Product Management function for a number of those years and have been leading the expansion in Economics content & delivering Refinitiv tools and data through new interfaces.


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