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Environmental crime: a law enforcement and a global AML priority that impacts the sustainability agenda 

Biodiversity and nature loss poses significant risks to society, businesses and financial markets globally. Half of the world’s GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature while 83% of wild mammals and 50% of plants are already lost. In the area of financial crime, environmental crime is now recognized as a key security threat. According to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), illegal logging, illegal mining and waste trafficking generate up to $258 billion a year. Less recognized, however, is the impact on the sustainability agenda (e.g. COP 26) and the goal to reduce global carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050.

This session explores why Interpol, a leading law enforcement agency, has taken the action of convening Financial Intelligence Units as part of its Global Financial Crime Task Force. We also explore the role of public and private sector collaboration is tackling this issue, how carbon trading markets are susceptible to fraud and how better data can help organisations can incorporate environmental crime as part of their due diligence processes.
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Date: On-demand

Duration: 60 minutes


Rory Corcoran, Assistant Director, Organised & Emerging Crime, Interpol 

Holly Pelesko, Product Manager, Refinitiv, an LSEG Business

Che Sidanius, Global Head of Financial Crime and Industry Affairs, Refinitiv, an LSEG Business 


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Rory Corcoran is seconded from the Irish Police (An Garda Sìochàna) to INTERPOL since 2018, where he currently holds the position of Assistant Director in the Organized and Emerging Crime Directorate. He has responsibility for a number of INTERPOL’s crimes programmes including, Environmental Security (ENS), Illicit Goods and Global Health (IGGH) and is the Operational Lead for INTERPOL’s Global Financial Crime Task Force (IGFCTF). 

He has 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement having served the majority of his career in the Garda Counter Terrorism Unit and most recently in the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau. He hold a Master’s and Post Graduate Degree in Legal Studies and also holds academic qualifications in Cyber Crime, Financial Crime Investigations and Corporate Risk and Governance, from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Holly Pelesko has over 20 years’ experience delivering financial technology and data solutions to the financial and risk intelligence communities.  Her past roles have included building historical data solutions for investment banking clients for use in identifying deal & market share trends, conducting comparable deal analysis & analyzing won-or-lost business, and partnering with data scientists and machine learning engineers to deliver linked data solutions relevant to supply chain analysis.

Her current role as Product Manager for Refinitiv World-Check Data Feeds sees her providing data features and capabilities to financial services firms and corporate customers for use in screening customer lists to detect sanctions risk, money laundering risk ("AML") and bribery & corruption risk ("ABAC"). 
Che Sidanius is the Global Head of Financial Crime & Industry Affairs at Refinitiv, an LSEG business. His role is to identify regulatory changes and lead programs of action with the sole purpose of enhancing the fight against financial crime more effective and delivering the best possible outcome for the industry. Together with the World Economic Forum and Europol, he’s the founder of the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime.

Prior to joining Refinitiv, his work experiences include being a Senior Advisor to the Bank of England's Financial Stability Directorate and previously a Senior Bank Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. His most notable awards included receiving the Presidential Award for managing the 2007-09 Financial Crisis and a driving force behind Refinitiv’s Impact Company of the year award in 2019.  

Che received his Master’s in International Affairs from the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University and undergraduate degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley in California.  

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