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Fast-tracking the future of cloud in capital markets
As COVID-19 puts stress on financial tech and operations, cloud-based solutions are gaining new urgency. Listen to this webinar to learn use cases, benefits and challenges of finance's emerging infrastructure.  

In recent years the financial industry has cited cost, scalability and data integrity as the top benefits of moving businesses and operations to the cloud. However, the challenges to adoption, including old and often clunky infrastructure, have often meant that progress has been slower than expected.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has seen organizations move to virtual working environments at scale and fast, putting companies existing cloud capabilities to the test. Is this the wake up call that the industry needs to fast track the move to cloud?

On the agenda:

  • How is the coronavirus outbreak impacting go-to-cloud adoption?
  • What are the benefits and opportunities of cloud adoption in capital markets?
  • What are the challenges that hinder adoption by financial institutions?
  • What are the top use cases of moving to the cloud?
  • What requirements do firms need to optimize data storage, computing and analytics in the cloud?
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Devan Mitchem
Cloud Engineer, Financial Services and Digital Native
Google Cloud

At Google for 17 years, Devan has been fortunate to work with an amazing group of people and teams across Google Product and Engineering. 

Devan led technical programs growing Google's earliest footprint across Internet Exchanges to utility-scale campuses in Oregon, Ireland, Taiwan, and Singapore. As a Cloud Engineer, Devan works directly with leaders to bring the best of Google to customers for cost-efficiency, modern design, and global scale. Devan advises firms across Financial Services, Capital Markets, Super App platforms, Blockchain/DeFi, and Unicorn startups spanning logistics and e-commerce.

Devan volunteers on important public services made possible through cloud computing: Devan is co-lead of Google’s public blockchain data sets (Google Public Data), engineer lead for fake news classification design sprints (Google News Initiative), and leading partnerships with APAC Internet Exchange operators to provide neutral public data on global consumer internet speeds (Measurement Lab).
Anthony Hodge
Head, Cloud Governance
Standard Chartered Bank

Jessica Lam
Group Head of Strategy

Regan Tuck
Lead Engineer
Refinitiv Labs

Regan Tuck has over a decade of experience working with technology within the gaming and wagering industry, helping to innovate and modernise the world of book making. From New Zealand, Regan has worked across a wide range of technology roles from developing real-time interactive websites to deploying highly distributed micro service architectures. Most recently Regan has led data and engineering teams to develop and integrate sports book and racing models allowing for the automated trading of betting markets.

When Regan puts down his laptop you would usually find him several thousand feet in the air piloting anything with wings.