Global Markets Forum at Davos: The Future is Now Series

Once again, Eikon Messenger’s Global Markets Forum was in the thick of Davos 2019 to debate the world’s major concerns and provided unparalleled coverage of one of the biggest events of the year.

On 22-25 January, the world’s top leaders gathered at the WEF to discuss critical issues arising from Globalisation 4.0 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution; to help shape a new framework for global cooperation that will enable collaboration for a shared future for all.

Together with industry experts and peers, we untangled some of these challenges, brainstormed our own strategies and shared valuable takeaways to help you create an informed opinion on the future of the markets. Continue to stay tuned and join us in the GMF as we look to cover the US-China trade wars and Brexit over the coming weeks.

Watch the interviews with WEF guests here on YouTube.

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Our exclusive guests at Davos 2019 included...

George Bridges Lord Bridges of Headley, Former Brexit Minister, UK Government

Mon, 21 Jan, 1530 CET / 0930 EST

Read profile here.

Gilberto Caldart President, Mastercard International

Tue, 22 Jan, 0900 CET / 1800 HKT

Read profile here.

Lena Ng Chief Investment Officer, Amata Corporation

Tue, 22 Jan, 1100 CET / 1800 HKT

Read profile here.

George Oliver Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Johnson Controls

Tue, 22 Jan, 1500 CET / 0900 EST

Read profile here.

Zhang Yi-Chen Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CITIC Capital

Wed, 23 Jan, 1100 CET / 0900 EST

Read profile here.

David Craig Chief Executive Officer, Refinitiv

Wed, 23 Jan, 1200 CET / 0600 EST

Read profile here.

Anthony Scaramucci Founder, SkyBridge Capital

Wed, 23 Jan, 1430 CET / 0830 EST

Read profile here.

Kenneth Rogoff Professor of Economics & Public Policy, Harvard University

Thu, 24 Jan, 1600 CET / 1000 EST

Read profile here.

Sir Suma Chakrabarti President, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Thu, 24 Jan, 2000 CET / 1430 EST

Read profile here.

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