Download the findings and analysis of this industry survey of European Hedge Funds

Technological innovation is reshaping the hedge fund operating and trading business from automated processes to new data analysis techniques.

But what are firms actually doing and how is technology truly changing business models? What are the biggest opportunities in data analysis? Where are the biggest cost burdens for firms today? And how is the current situation evolving firms’ decision on buy versus build? This is the subject of the latest HFM report, in conjunction with Refinitiv.


  • Download to find out:

    • What areas of data and technology infrastructure are European hedge funds prioritising in 2020?
    • What will provide the greatest growth opportunity for hedge funds, or at least the greatest stability, in 2020?
    • How are hedge funds meeting the pressure to be more operationally efficient?



    "All of us at Refinitiv appreciate the opportunity to partner with HFM to sponsor this independent research, and thank the team for their reporting. The findings reveal what’s top of mind for the hedge fund industry, even as it began adapting to Covid-19 throughout February and March 2020.

    More on key drivers can be found in this special report. We hope you find the research and collective insight from your peers useful as you seek more efficient ways of running your business in these volatile times.”

    Kevin Galliers
    Head of Trading
    Refinitiv® AlphaDesk


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