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On October 30, we hosted a joint webinar with Fathom Consulting Fathom Consulting ‘The economic outlook for China, focusing on Hong Kong’. During the session, we touched on the following:

Fathom's short and medium-term economic outlook focusing on: 

  • Is China's economy really slowing? 
  • How is China responding to US trade tensions?
  • How could the Belt and Road Initiative affect Hong Kong and the rest of the world?
  • The Hong Kong social unrest: what are the short and medium-term risks?

Additional Resources


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Exclusive Fathom research notes

Rebalancing remains a distant prospect for China




This webinar is an example of the type of customisable presentations Fathom delivers regularly to their clients, in which they bring their insights and expertise into their workspaces. They also undertake bespoke consultancy projects to address client-specific needs.

To find out more about Fathom’s research and services, please contact