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On-demand webinar: Globalization, hyper connectivity and markets after the pandemic

Coronavirus – and the economic crisis it has provoked – lays bare how vulnerable our hyper-connected societies and markets now are to events thousands of miles away. In a panel debate with leading thinkers on the epoch-shifting impact of this pandemic, we take the long view to examine:  

  • Whether coronavirus represents the high-water mark for globalization
  • The ways coronavirus will change how we work and how markets operate
  • What role the state will now play in markets and wider society
  • How this experience will alter our approach to systemic challenges such as climate change

On-demand webinar recording:
David Craig is founding CEO of financial markets data and infrastructure company Refinitiv and is a member of the World Economic Forum Banking Industry Governors Board.

Ian Goldin is Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development, a former World Bank vice president and author of The Butterfly Defect, How globalization creates systemic risks, and what to do about it.

John Llewellyn is co-founder of independent economics advisory firm Llewellyn Consulting and a former Global Chief Economist at Lehman Brothers. He spent almost 20 years at the OECD, where he held posts including  Head of International Forecasting and Chef de Cabinet.

Axel Threlfall is Editor-at-Large at Reuters – hosting debates with some of the world’s most prominent academics, CEOs, politicians and market players.

COVID-19 disruption and record levels of market volatility provide a serious test of FX trading continuity plans. A Refinitiv survey of more than 400 clients has provided some insight into how FX market participants are coping with the ongoing disruption, and gives us an indication of the state of FX Global Code compliance.

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Corona Correction Daily Video Episodes

This new daily video series, The Corona Correction, addresses the ongoing impact of the coronavirus on markets - making sense of what is happening, and what might come next. 

COVID-19 insights and business continuity measures.

During this unsettling time, it is our job at Refinitiv to provide you with the data, technology and expertise to navigate the financial markets through this global health challenge – whether it be ensuring service continuity, providing remote access capabilities, or delivering real-time market insight to help you navigate the uncertainty.

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