Build Financial Models in Python using Datastream Web Service  

If you need to construct complex models, Python and R are probably the best ubiquitous and robust languages you can consider. Datastream allows for seamless integration in your code – minimizing the hassle of data tidying and normalising it. 

In this webinar, Developer Advocates discuss the topic with following samples: 

  • Ease of use: Rank countries by their aggregated ESG SDG scores. 
  • Implementation in models in Python: Estimate income and expenditure-approach monthly GDP values using the Holt-Winters model. 
  • Implementation in models in R: Forecasting Index price movements based on Information Demand data. 

You will learn: 

  • How to easily use DSWS in Python and R. 
  • How to inject the DSWS data into tables, data-frames, models and charts.
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     60 min


Alison Quick - Solution Consultant, Refinitiv

Alison Quick is part of the Solution Consultants team at Refinitiv, working to ensure customers have the best solution for them and their business.  She has 25 years of experience, working with users of all types to ensure they feel the benefit of Datastream’s unrivalled content, deep histories and functionality whether via Excel, API or Refinitiv platform. 

Jonathan Legrand - Developer Advocate, Refinitiv 

Jonathan Legrand has worked in API consultancy and development with Refinitiv for 6 months. Most of that time spent as an developer-article writer; constructing models, workflows and strategies in Python and R. Some of that time spent as a consultant helping clients implement their solutions as well as occasionally developing solutions for them. This has included extended periods working closely with tier 1 bank and portfolio-managing teams. His primary focus has been economics/finance and econometrics with high/medium latency data, broadening more recently to include our platform offerings. 

Anders P Johansson -  Product Manager, Refinitiv

Anders P Johansson is working with Refinitiv (Erstwhile known as Thomson Reuters) from past 10 years and is now a Product Manager for Refinitiv Data Platform. He is quite hands on with Datastream and its functionalities. He has a background in Economics, Finance and programming.


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