Developer Webinar Series | Webinar #1

How to Build Content-Rich, Interactive Financial Apps with Speed and Simplicity

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If you need real-time data in your applications, access has never been easier. Use your real-time data and improve your existing application workflow. Create fully interactive apps with ease - using modern app frameworks to do the heavy lifting. Less code. Less hassle. Faster time to delivery. 

Watch this webinar where we will show you how to inject real-time pricing & news into your financial applications. We will look at streaming content across multiple environments, using modern app creation frameworks - Dash/Widgets/Panel (Python), Angular (JavaScript). The webinar was first broadcast on July 9, 2020.

Why should you watch?
  • Code samples on streaming content across multiple environments
  • Learn how to consume real time streams of both news and prices
  • How to implement modern app creation frameworks
  • Dash Apps, ipywidgets, Panel, JS News & Quote app
How to Build Content-Rich, Interactive Financial Apps with Speed and Simplicity
Now Available
Meet our speakers

Umer Nalla

Platform Application Developer
Umer has worked in API consultancy and development with Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters/Reuters for 16 years. Most of that time spent as a consultant helping clients implement their solutions as well as occasionally developing solutions for them. This has included extended periods working closely with tier 1 bank Market Data teams. His primary focus has been real-time streaming data, broadening more recently to include our platform offerings. 

Gurpreet Bal

Platform Application Developer
Gurpreet has been in development and support with Refinitiv/Thomson Reuters/Reuters for last 19 years. His primary job role has been in professional services with helping clients in their solutions. He has worked with most of our technologies with bulk of his experience in real-time streaming data and in data-platform recently. Well versed in major programming languages and most common systems and web technologies.
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Now Available On Demand
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