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Opening Chinese Oil Markets to the World

Opening Chinese Oil Markets to the World

Join us on these interactive sessions with the leading industry experts from JLC and Refinitiv as we take a deep dive into the dynamics of Oil market in China and beyond after the market disruptions of the first half of 2020.
As Refinitiv is launching the premium JLC Oil content via Eikon, this will be an opportunity to experience the insights available and engage with the experts.
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Session 1
Wednesday, September 9
11:00 SGT/CST | 13:00 AEST | 08:30 IST (1 hour)

Covid-19's impact on China's oil market
  • Independent refiners’ crude imports soar and have become more diverse
  • Changes in China’s oil product supply and demand structure 
  • Comparison of operating environment and refining margins faced by State-run refiners, independent refiners and fuel blenders and traders under the “floor price” mechanism
  • Progress towards reforms and marketization
  • Prospects for the oil industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period 2021-2025
Amanda Zhao, General Manager, Global Sales and Marketing, JLC

Impact of Covid-19 on the oil markets - what is the state of recovery?
  • Asia oil demand, among its major economies, is well on the way to recovery, but some countries have rebounded better than others.
  • China has led the recovery, buying record-high crude volumes for 3 consecutive months.
  • India’s recovery has been slow, with below-average oil imports and refinery runs for 3 straight months.
  • South Korea has largely recovered, keeping its crude imports steady from March onwards.
  • Japan lagged in recovery, with its oil imports at below-average levels for 4 months, including hitting all-time low levels.
  • Diesel, gasoline and jet fuel have largely rebounded from April’s multi-year lows – what’s the outlook for each product going forward?
Yan Chong Yaw, Director of Oil Research & Forecast, Refinitiv

Panel Discussion

Session 2
Thursday, September 10
11:00 SGT/CST | 13:00 AEST | 08:30 IST (1 hour)

China’s bonded bunker fuel market
  • China’s production of VLSFO bunker fuel oil
  • Changes in China’s supply balance (imported versus domestic supplies)
  • Demand for bonded bunker fuel at Chinese ports
  • Outlook for China’s bonded bunker market
Jessie Ji, Senior English Editor of International Dept., JLC

OPEC+ and the global markets
  • OPEC+ supply overview and contribution to the Asian markets
  • Effect of COVID-19 on the supply from major producers
  • Impact of OSP’s on trade flows and the evolving supply-demand patterns
  • Changing bunker market landscape in the Middle-East
  • Freight market overview
Ranjith Raja, Head of MENA Oil & Shipping Research, Refinitiv

Panel Discussion


Amanda Zhao
General Manager, Global Sales & Marketing
Yan Chong Yaw
Director of Oil Research & Forecast
Jessie Ji
Senior English Editor of International Dept.
Ranjith Raja
Head of MENA Oil & Shipping Research