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Reuters Breakingviews:
Trump vs. Biden 2020
When U.S. voters go to the polls on Nov. 3 either to vote
Republican Donald Trump to a second term as President or to elect
Democrat Joe Biden there will be plenty at stake for the financial community
both in the U.S. and around the world. Refinitiv and Reuters Breakingviews
bring you expert discussions on three critical policy areas for investors. 
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#1 on-demand webinar:
Energy Policy
U.S. and global energy markets have much to analyse ahead of the election. Biden supports environmental regulation and climate change diplomacy. Trump seeks to block those policies, supporting fossil fuels for economic growth and jobs. The trajectory of global energy prices depend in part on U.S. energy diplomacy with OPEC and the Saudis, Iran and Venezuela. U.S. relations with China and Russia also intersect with oil and gas production and trade. Regulation of the U.S. shale industry, support for renewables from Biden’s green investment plans and auto emission standards all depend on who wins.


Bob McNally, President of Rapidan Energy Group

John Kemp, Global Energy Columnist, Reuters

Rich Valdmanis, Editor, U.S. Energy and Environment, Reuters

Karen Ashley, Head of Marketing for the Americas, Refinitiv

Richard Mably, Head of News Performance, Refinitiv
#2 on-demand webinar:
Technology, M&A and Antitrust
If there’s one area where Democrats and Republicans seem to find common ground, it is in their desire to curb the power of the largest technology companies, including Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet. The parties differ on the approach to regulating big corporations, with some Democrats proposing a moratorium on mergers and acquisitions, and Republicans calling for tech firms to become more accountable for information distributed on their platforms. 


Bill Baer, former Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division, U.S. Justice Department

Matt Schruers, President, CCIA (Computer & Communications Industry Association)

Pramila Jayapal, Congresswoman, House of Representatives

Gina Chon, Columnist, Reuters Breakingviews

Rob Cox, Global Editor, Reuters Breakingviews

Mike Dionne, Managing Director, Americas, Refinitiv
#3 on-demand webinar:
Reviving the American Economy
Depending on who you ask, American prosperity is either the best it’s ever been, or a long way from good enough. Democrats and Republicans rarely see eye to eye on infrastructure, fiscal policy and healthcare spending – now they differ too on how to help the victims of Covid-19, how to tackle yawning racial and regional wealth gaps that the pandemic has exposed, and how the Federal Reserve could help. Then there’s the question of who should pick up the tab when it’s all over.


Stephanie Kelton, professor at Stony Brook University, former adviser to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaigns

Andrew Olmem, partner at Mayer Brown, former deputy director of the U.S. National Economic Council

John Sinclair Foley, US Editor, Reuters Breakingviews

Karen Ashley, Head of Marketing, Americas, Refinitiv
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