Turning TCA into Trading Outcomes Using AI/ML

In this recent webinar, experts from Refinitiv and QUOD Financial examine how parameter optimization, driven by real-time TCA, is bringing the power of AI/ML to traders' desks.

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Discussion points will include:
  • What are the implications of significant increases in client contact volumes and trade executions during these times?
  • What is parameter optimization, and how are they implemented to improve trading strategies and execution performance in real-time?
  • How can trading desks implement a successful multi-asset TCA program to improve performance and pre-and post-trade insights?
Meet our speakers
Joanne Carvalho
Proposition Sales Specialist

Joanne Carvalho is a Proposition Sales Specialist at Refinitiv, focusing on trading solutions. Her concentration is on providing valuable knowledge regarding the Eikon platform and Refinitiv's recent partnership with the sell-side OMS - Quod Financial. Prior to joining Refinitiv, Joanne gained experience at JPMorgan and financial technology companies, where she acquired great knowledge of both the buy and sell side trading workflow. Joanne holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Pace University - Lubin School of Business.
Michael Smith
Global Head of Sales Strategy & Execution

Michael Smith is currently the Director of Global Sales Strategy & Execution for OEMS & Equities, where he supports the development of sales of the Refinitiv suite for trading workflows. Prior to this role, Michael spent nine years supporting our equity desktop products in various roles. Before coming to Refinitiv, he worked as a Sales Trader for Société Générale, Fidelity Capital Markets, and ConvergEx. He also spent time as a trader for Columbia Management’s Quantitative Strategy group.


Medan Gabbay
Chief Revenue Officer
QUOD Financial

Medan Gabbay currently works as Chief Revenue Officer at Quod Financial, a multi-asset trading platform for sell-side specializing in execution and automation. He brings strong technical expertise and industry experience spanning trading, AI/ML and big data.

Register to view the webinar ON DEMAND

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