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Navigating the global sanctions landscape
in 2022

Sanctions continue to be a growing challenge for financial services compliance team. Covid-19 has made sanctions screening a greater priority for 40% of respondents, according to Refinitiv’s global survey report in 2021. 

Compliance teams need to be able to identify financial instruments subject to sanctions and screening for sanctions risk becomes even more complicated when each financial instrument issued by or linked to an explicitly or implicitly sanctioned entity is added into the mix.

As the complex and dynamic sanctions landscape is continuing to evolve, what are the key considerations for developing an effective sanctions screening programme? Refinitiv’s latest webinar will explore the latest global developments in sanctions compliance.

Webinar Recording
Download the webinar slides here.
Refinitiv Sanctions Screening
Our sanctions-screening data contains comprehensive coverage of all known sanction bodies and includes more than 280 sanction programs. In addition, we also extensively cover narrative or implicit sanctions as well as sectoral sanctions.  
Despite a massive change in priorities for most organisations due to the global health crisis, it is not a good time to relax sanctions controls or allow the subject to slip down the action list.
Refinitiv World-Check Risk-Intelligence risks.
Refinitiv™ World-Check® is a risk intelligence database which helps organizations across the world meet their regulatory obligations, make informed decisions and help prevent them from inadvertently being used to launder the proceeds of financial crime or association with corrupt business practices.


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