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The investment research market is facing seismic shifts. In this report, leading buy-side investment professionals give their views on three major themes driving the future of investment research.

  1. Alternative data. The scale and uptake of alternative data is increasing at pace with 70% of survey respondents indicating they currently use alternative data or plan to in the next 12 months. Now is the time to start extracting real value.
  2. Artificial intelligence. Only 17% of firms are currently using AI as part of their investment process, yet 56% expect to in the next few years. But AI is only as good as the data you use and the ways in which it’s trained.
  3. Changing relationships. 77% of buy-side investment professionals agree that they will use the sell-side less for research in future. Sell-side firms will need to innovate their way through this change and offer the buy-side the data and analytics that they cannot easily produce in-house.

Find out more about the results from our Future of Investment Research survey by completing the form on this page. You will also find examples of how Thomson Reuters is helping customers prepare for seismic shifts in the investment industry below.

Prepare for change

  • Alternative data

    We offer a number of alternative data sets which you can access in Thomson Reuters Eikon to help you enhance your research and find new sources of alpha. These include a credit risk model that uses text mining to predict financial distress, shipping analytics, weather risk monitor data, social media monitor data, and consumer sentiment from Ipsos. We also offer a number of alternative data apps in Eikon from specialist third parties including one that delivers timely ESG Insights and another that leverages filings with the IRS and Department of Labor that pertain to employee benefit plans.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Thomson Reuters offers tools and intelligent analytics to help firms identify new sources of Alpha. Our Intelligent Tagging and Knowledge Graph solutions enable firms to take the huge volumes of proprietary and third-party data, normalize it and apply computer-driven rules to derive new insights. Equally our desktop solutions such as QA Point, allow buy-side firms to test and implement AI driven strategies.

  • Changing relationships

    Our Investment Research Marketplace allows buy-side firms to purchase research collections and access them over Thomson Reuters Eikon. You don’t need to have a broking relationship with the research provider and Thomson Reuters does the fulfillment and billing.

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