Global Markets Forum: Brexit Special

With much still uncertain as Brexit progresses, join the Global Markets Forum to get expert insights from leaders in the financial markets.

The Global Markets Forum will host a special series of guests over the next two weeks as British lawmakers must decide whether to back a deal they feel does not offer a clean break from the EU, or reject it and accept that Brexit could be watered down, or thwarted by a short delay till June 30, or an even longer one that is not currently time-limited.

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Global Markets Forum Brexit chat - timetable:
Tuesday March 19
0700 GMT/1230 IST/1500 HKT/1800 AEDT
Patrick L. Young, Executive Director, DV Advisors

Wednesday March 20
1000 GMT/1100 CET/1530 IST/1800 HKT
Jim O'Neill, British Economist; former Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and former UK Treasury Minister

1100 GMT/1200 CET
Lord George Bridges, former Brexit Minister

1200 GMT/1300 CET
Jan von Gerich, Chief Analyst, Nordea

Thursday March 21
1100 GMT/1200 CET
Professor Iain Bege, European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science

Monday March 25
1200 GMT/1300 CET
Jane Foley, Head of Forex Strategy, Rabobank

1400 GMT/1000 ET
Boris Schlossberg, Managing Director of FX Strategy, BK Asset Management

Tuesday March 26
0600 GMT/1130 IST/1400 HKT/1700 AEDT
Alastair Newton, Co-Founder and Director, Alavan Business Advisory

1200 GMT/1300 CET
Neil Dwane, Global Strategist, Allianz Global Investors

Wednesday March 27
0700 GMT/1230 IST/1500 HKT/1800 AEDT
Professor Moorad Choudhry, London Metropolitan University and Author of 'The Principles of Banking'

1100 GMT/1200 CET
Philip Shaw, Chief Economist, Investec Plc

Thursday March 28
0830 GMT/0930 CET/1400 IST/1630 HKT
Arnab Das, Head EM Macro, Invesco

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