How does Refinitiv help organization fight financial crime?

No one can help you Know Your Customer like Refinitiv

A Global Screening Solution

World-Check gives you the tools you need to help meet your due diligence obligations, including meeting your requirements under Know Your Customer anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation; and anti-bribery and corruption customer and counterparty due diligence and screening.
  • Screening on Individuals and Corporate
  • 600+ sanction, watch, regulatory, and law enforcement lists
  • Global PEPs and heightened risk individuals
  • Reveal links to associated individuals and entities
  • International media searches
  • Multi-language search including Traditional/Simplified Chinese
  • Audit trial and Recordkeeping
  • Provide regular classroom training
How does the service work
  • Refinitiv can conduct the screening and remediation
  • Maximize Resources and reduce compliance burden

Our Enhanced Due Diligence reports offer a structured approach to identification, and checking the UBOs of important 3rd parties to ensure up-to-date and auditable compliance.
  • Shareholder Threshold - Use shareholder value threshold at 25% recommended by FATF and HKICPA
  • Ownership Level - In multi-layered organizations, checks are conducted up to three levels of third-party ownership. More can be done if required
  • Screening - Identified UBOs are screened against World-Check risk intelligence
  • Multilingual Capability - Research analysts located in offices across the globe

Exclusive offers are available for registered members of HKiCPA. Please contact Refinitiv here or by phone at +852 3077 5499 for more information.