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NLP for Capital Markets 101

Join the Refinitiv Labs team for a behind the scenes look at how we apply state-of-the-art deep learning and NLP techniques to make sense of unstructured data.
During this disruptive and challenging time, Refinitiv Labs has launched a new learn-it all-Labs series to help equip the financial services data science community​ with the latest skills and Machine Learning use-cases in bite size 30 minute sessions. 

Our goal is to make these labs as hands-on, interactive and fun as possible - while many of us deal with the collaboration and productivity challenges that come from working from home.

In our first learn-it all-Lab, we explore NLP and deep learning:

  • The impact these technologies are having on you, your firm and the industry
  • The NLP and deep learning techniques we use in Refinitiv Labs to make sense of our unstructured data
  • How we overcome key challenges while working with news, research reports, social media and transcripts content
  • Live demo of a new Refinitiv Labs project which applies NLP to portfolio management – SentiMine
  • SentiMine leverages NLP at scale to help surface signals of equity performance from unstructured content, like research reports, transcripts, filings, news and social media

Listen to the first Refinitiv learn-it-all Lab now to get a behind the scenes look at our essential NLP techniques - and to see SentiMine in action!
Event info
Time:  30 minutes
Location:  Link provided after registration
What's SentiMine?
SentiMine is an advanced discoverability tool for unstructured content to identify key drivers of equity performance, and changes in outlook over time across drivers. It reduces the time-consuming process of reviewing and interpreting unstructured financial content by applying topic modelling, NLP, and deep learning capabilities to understand the key drivers of equity performance and changes in analysts outlook over time across multiple content types in a single view.


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