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Leveraging Machine Learning to signal COVID-19 risks & opportunities

Join Refinitiv Labs for a look under the hood at how they launched a new Machine Learning model to cut through the noise in news data and build COVID-19 resilience - all within 10 weeks. 
COVID-19 has injected huge uncertainty into global financial markets. To stay resilient, economists, investment analysts and traders need to be able to quickly identify and track the positive and negative impact of events on companies, industries and supply chains.While there is a lot of information and news available on the coronavirus, the speed and volume of developments reported can make it challenging to cut through the noise.

Refinitiv Labs' latest project, the COVID-19 Company News Tracker, leverages state-of-the-art Machine Learning techniques to process news and detect, classify and store any risks or opportunities mentioned in the story. This time-series signal allows you to focus on material impacts as opposed to general news, saving you valuable time and effort.

Sign up to this new Refinitiv Learn-it-all lab to discover:

  • The practical steps Refinitiv Labs took to hone in on the problem – and ensure the new model and interface solved for it
  • How Refinitiv Labs used the state-of-the-art Machine Learning model, BERT, to improve success rates by approx. 15%.
  • How Refinitiv Labs trained and validated the new model using 7,500 human-annotated examples
  • How you can get access to these new data insights
Time:  30 Minutes
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