On-demand Webinar: Technology Transformation in the Capital Raising Process

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Fintech has been applied pretty effectively to the consumer finance space. We all bank online and via our mobile phones now. Fintech has yet to create profound change in capital markets, particularly the capital raising space, which functions very similarly to how it did 10 or even 20 years ago. However, it does appear that the market is on the verge of driving change through increased adoption of emerging technologies to drive efficiencies in the capital raising process, use automation tools to free up the more mundane tasks from employees, and potentially open up new business opportunities and models for issuers, banks and investors. Raja, CEO and co-founder of Origin Markets, will join us for a discussion on the key themes regarding what digitization might hold for capital raising innovation.

• Will technology transform the primary capital markets?
• Which parts of the capital raising process are most ripe for automation?
• What are the potential benefits of automation compared to manual processes?
• What are the effects for banking employees – opportunity or risk?
• Connecting issuers and investors – could new technology and digital platforms make the market more accessible?
• What will the markets look like 10 years from now? Will technology disintermediate investment banks?

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    30 January 2019  (webinar is now on-demand)


Raja Palaniappan, CEO & Co-founder, Origin Markets

Originally from San Francisco, Raja spent the first 7 years of his career as a corporate bond and derivatives trader in London, working on the trading floors of Lehman Brothers, Nomura, and most recently at Credit Suisse. The idea for Origin was conceived after observing the frustrations of clients during the corporate bond new issuance process and being inspired by other successful examples of the transformative power of technology in financial services. 

Raja holds electrical engineering and biology degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Leon Saunders Calvert, Global head of M&A and Capital Raising Propositions, Refinitiv

Leon Saunders Calvert runs the Capital Markets & Advisory business at Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) where we service M&A and capital raising professionals with data, news, insights and workflow tools to allow them to provide expert advice and deal execution for companies and government institutions. 

Leon is a Board Observer at TAB, an aggregator of crowdfunding and other online financial marketplace data to service financial professionals in this emerging asset class, and an Advisory Board member of HighCastle, who use blockchain technology to support the issuance and distribution of securities. Leon also provides pro-bono consultative advice to charities through the Pilotlight business executive program and through UnLtd's social entrepreneurs mentorship program.

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