Connecting women in risk, regulation and compliance

Risky Women® is a global network connecting, celebrating and championing women in risk, regulation and compliance. It has proven to be a great forum to engage and interact with peers, exchange ideas, opportunities and insights in the governance risk and compliance industry. 

From San Francisco to Sydney, we have created a strong and vibrant network that connects a global community in 11 cities. The network has provided a voice for the female perspective of our rapidly growing, changing and influential industry and has proved to be an important forum for like-minded women to exchange ideas, opportunities and insights on governance, risk and compliance.

With over 500 active members and growing, we strive to bring together even more women shaping the debate and the industry. While there is no membership fee, the network was created to connect senior women in risk, regulation and compliance related roles, thus successful applicants will be notified by email.

In the meantime, connect with us on Twitter @RiskyWomen and email for more information.

Discover ways to connect with Risky Women 

  • A podcast celebrating a global community of women in risk, regulation and compliance

    Sharing insight and perspective from the most influential members of our global Risky Women network on the latest developments we need to think about, the challenges we should all talk more about and the innovation we are most excited about in governance, risk and compliance. Our podcast brings together the hundreds of senior women professionals already connected with an emerging group of leading talent.
  • Event | More Than Risk

    At Risky Women, we love risk and compliance! Yet we have all heard plenty of dinner party jokes and others questioning the joys of the industry. The same treatment is unfortunately often applied to opera, which is why we were so excited to bring these two worlds together for our annual dinner in Hong Kong. ​It was an honor to bring so many leading women in risk, regulation and compliance together to connect and celebrate not only our influential network, but our industry and the unique experience of opera!

  • Podcast | #12 How to be a Wildly Strategic and Effective Risky Women

    An accomplished compliance professional and true expert in her field, Kristy Grant-Hart joins Risky Women Radio to provide a powerful guide on how to be a wildly strategic and wildly effective compliance officer! She is CEO of Spark Compliance Consulting, author, speaker, professor and a former CCO, with an innovative approach and inspiring perspective of the compliance field. 

  • Video | What is Risky Women?

    Discover how we connect leading women in a rapidly growing, changing and influential industry and why Risky Women is so important to our existing members. It is the passion and ideas that come from our Risky Women – and our male allies too – that have made this global network such a powerful community.

  • Event | Rants and Revelations with Debra Walton

    We all have something we wish we had known earlier in our careers or life. Speaking to the diverse range of women in our Risky Women network has exposed themes from creating impact with inclusion to taking on "riskier" opportunities with the right attitude. Our network event in San Francisco encouraged participants to discuss their personal rants and revelations - highlighting common global themes such as women advocating women (or the lack thereof) and having the courage and confidence to be a whistle blower.

  • Podcast | #11 Managing Reputation - New Risks, New Thinking, New Opportunities

    Reputation has never been more fragile and reputational threats are increasing exponentially.Clare Williams, Reputation Risk Management and Corporate Communications for Barclays, joins Risky Women Radio to discuss why the need to understand, mitigate and manage risk has never been more acute. From how the rapidly changing communications environment is amplifying risks to the innovation required for traditional crisis management structures to succeed and manage these challenges at a larger scale.

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