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Safely Navigating Business at Sea
By Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE PhD

For a long time, being out at sea meant being out of sight and out of reach. As a result, it provided ample opportunities for criminal acts including piracy and slavery, but also violations of international law, sanctions breaches and trafficking. How can you protect your organization from these risks?

This report authored by Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE discusses:

  • the continuing risks associated with maritime business, including trade based money laundering, sanctions risks and "phantom ships"
  • recent regulatory developments such as the Trump administration's increased pressure on illicit maritime activity
  • solutions to protect your organization, ultimately through the screening of transactions and relationships

Download this report to learn more about how you can stay safe when conducting business at sea.

About the Author
Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE PHD
Managing Director, Merl House Strategic Forecasting and Risk

Chris Parry spent 36 enjoyable, rewarding years in the Royal Navy as an aviator and warfare officer, with experience in combat, several operational commands and five senior policy appointments. Nowadays, he runs his own strategic forecasting company, advising governments, leading companies and banks about geo-political and strategic issues, future trends, disruptive technologies and systemic risk. He is also an internationally regarded expert on all aspects of terrorism, criminality and illicit activity, as well as the maritime sector. He received a Masters degree from Jesus College, Oxford and a PhD from the University of Reading.


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