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Unicorns, IPOs and compliance considerations

Unicorns, IPOs and compliance considerations

The goal for entrepreneurs used to be to sell their successful start-up to a larger competitor or complementary business.

Nowadays, more often than not, the goal is to go public. Following the global pandemic, Israel has seen an explosion of its unicorn start-ups floating on exchanges around the world.

Combining the business and regulatory perspectives, we’ve brought together experts in this space to explore the considerations and challenges for unicorns to take on as they make their IPO journey.

  • How can unicorns ensure a smooth transfer through their IPO?
  • What do start-ups need to do to comply with regulation as they go public?
  • What needs to happen to be successful?

Note: this webinar will be in Hebrew 
טירוף היוניקורן הישראלי: על סטרטאפים, הנפקה בארה"ב ושיקולי רגולציה

אם בעבר קיוו יזמים למכור את הסטרטאפ שלהם למתחרים או לתאגידי ענק, היום רובם שואפים לגדל בעצמם את החברה - ולהנפיק אותה לציבור. דווקא בעקבות המגפה העולמית, ישראל הפכה למעצמת יוניקורנס - סטרטאפים בשווי מיליארד דולר ומעלה - ויחד עם השקעות העתק, הגיעו אתגרים חדשים מתחום הרגולציה: על מה חשוב להקפיד, מבחינה עסקית ומשפטית, כשמכינים את הסטרטאפ לקראת ההנפקה הגדולה? פאנל מומחים מיוחד ירחיב על ההזדמנויות ועל האתגרים של יוניקורנס בדרכם להפוך לחברות ענק ציבוריות בארה"ב. 

בין הנושאים שבהם נדון: 
?איך יכולים יוניקורנס להבטיח מעבר חלק ככל האפשר, מסטרטאפ מבטיח לחברת ענק, בתהליך ההנפקה לציבור- 
?לאילו דרישות חדשות מתחום הרגולציה צריכים לציית סטרטאפים לפני שהם מציעים את מניותיהם לציבור- 
?מה ההבדל המשפטי והארגוני בין סטרטאפ פרטי מצליח, לבין חברת ענק ציבורית - ואיך עוברים בהצלחה את השינוי -


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Moderator: Matan Hodorov, Journalist, Analyst, & Speaker

Matan Hodorov is Chief Economic Commentator & Anchorman of "Analyst" Investigative Magazine at Israel's Channel 13 News

During his army service Matan was a reporter for Galatz, the IDF radio station, where he covered stories related to finance, economic legislation, real estate and more. He continued to work for Galatz for four years after completing his service, and then made the transition to television, where he became chief economic commentator for Israel's Channel 10, the second largest TV station in the country. All of this has given him a 15 year perspective analyzing Israel's economy on a daily basis across different media platforms.

Matan is also the developer and anchor of Analyst, a 10-minute-segment that is aired twice a week as part of the central news program. Matan is also an experienced lecturer, and speaks regularly in Israel and abroad before international organizations such as JFNA, Keren Hayesod, JDC, WZO, in Israel and overseas. Matan, a graduate of Tel Aviv University law school, is based in Tel-Aviv.

Roy Frank, Proposition Sales Specialist, Refinitiv

Roy Frank is a Proposition Sales Specialist at Refinitiv covering the Israeli market since April 2018. Previously, Roy worked as a solutions project manager for Intercontinental Exchange. He graduated with honors from Reichman University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Roy also holds a Black Belt in Judo and is a reserves commander in the IDF Infantry Corps.

Shiran Nawi, General Counsel,

Shiran Nawi serves as's General Counsel since June 2018. Previously Ms. Nawi served as a senior legal counsel at Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX) from June 2014 to June 2018 and as an associate at Israeli, Ben-Zvi, Attorneys at Law, from July 2009 to April 2014. Ms. Nawi holds an L.L.B. and a Master of Business Taxation from The College of Management Academic Studies, Israel, and is a member of the Israel Bar Association.

Shlomi Ben Haim, Co-Founder & CEO, JFrog

Shlomi is Co-Founder and CEO of JFrog, creators of the universal DevOps platform. He brings over 20 years of experience in building profitable, high-growth information technology companies. Prior to JFrog, Shlomi was the CEO of AlphaCSP (acquired in 2005 by MalamTeam) and a Major in the Israeli Air Force. Shlomi holds an MS from Clark University (Massachusetts, USA) and a BA from Ben-Gurion University (Israel).