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Liquidity Measures –
Getting New Insights in Real-time  

Join Refinitiv Labs for a look at the data prep and visualization techniques behind a live innovation project for the trading community.

What new insights could traders act on if they could see real-time liquidity analytics in Limit Order Book data?

Refinitiv Labs are working on this exact question. Join the team as they share a live innovation project – creating a suite of advanced ‘real-time’ analytics that measure different aspects of liquidity using Level 2 Limit Order Book data and other unique datasets.

In this virtual lab we’ll cover:

  • How we modeled liquidity profiles for thousands of Futures contracts, from the Hong Kong Futures Exchange, ICE Singapore, ICE US, CME, CBOE, and EUREX Futures exchanges
  • How we visualize insights on a variety of liquidity dimensions, including Market Depth, Tightness, Resilience, Imbalance, Aggressiveness and more.
  • What Refinitiv Labs are thinking next...
Event info   
Time:  30 minutes
Location:  Link provided after registration
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Refinitiv Labs is helping you solve for today and tomorrow
We collaborate with our customers, partners and colleagues to identify and pursue new business opportunities.At Refinitiv Labs, cross-functional sprint teams rapidly prototype and validate AI-enabled solutions using emerging technologies, data science, lean techniques and trusted Refinitiv data. Our data science teams have deep understanding of the issues affecting financial markets and problem-solve from the world’s financial and technology hubs – in New York, Singapore, and London.

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