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ESG: What the buy-side should
look out for in 2021

After an unprecedented year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing unchartered territory in 2021. The series of 2020 events will help shape our future - not only because of the pandemic’s hopefully successful vaccine - but also the change of government in the United States, moving from President Donald Trump to newly elected Joe Biden. 

This change in administration will mean a shift in many regulations including ESG policies. Will we witness a difference in the climate change reforms previously taken by the Trump administration? To what extent will these changes affect the Paris agreement? Will we see a change of focus in power production? Will this pave the way for greener technology?

During the session, our expert speakers will discuss all these questions within the following topics below: 
  • Regulatory Impact: EU action plan on sustainable finance and the possible climate change policy transformation under the new US Administration.
  • The Green Future – is hydrogen the “new” sustainable energy source?
  • Green Transition Financing – Green instruments and the rise of transition bonds.   
Webinar information
  • Regulatory Impact: Discussing the most impactful regulations of the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance and the possible climate action of the incoming US Administration
  • The Green Future – is hydrogen the “new” sustainable energy source?
  • Green Transition Financing – Green Instruments and the Rise of Transition Bonds


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Franita Neuville, CFA Research & Portfolio Management Sales Director at Refinitiv

Franita has 16 years’ experience in financial markets and heads up a team of sales professionals, focused on selling Refinitiv’s Research & Portfolio Management proposition to enable the provision of innovative technology platforms to financial institutions. Franita works with clients to provide digital content capabilities at the intersection of fintech and desktop solutions. Financial markets, investments and ESG are her passions and as such, Franita partners with Asset Managers, Stockbrokers and key industry influencers such as exchanges and financial industry organizations, to enhance and build financial markets. Prior to joining Refinitiv (back then Thomson Reuters) in May 2016, Franita was the Head of Research Sales at NOAH Capital Markets and previously a Business Development Manager and Investment Consultant for Nedgroup Investments. Franita holds an M.Comm in Economics from the University of Stellenbosch and is a CFA Charterholder.

Barnabas Acs, Global Business Development Director – Sustainable Finance at Refinitiv

Financial data expert, researcher and firm believer in sustainability being a necessity and the key to success in the 21st century. Concerned about climate change. Constantly exploring how the combination of technology, finance and data can help to foster a circular economy.
Barnabas holds a Bachelors in Marketing & Market Research, a Masters in Financial Accounting and a Ph.D. in Statistics and Econometrics.