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The Refinitiv Oil Research team provides the most comprehensive insights on industry developments, price movements and supply/demand forecasts.

Our reports can help you understand the global oil complex and empower you to make informed trading decisions.

Read the latest analysis, commentary and insights that can help you comprehend:

  • Future pricing levels. View rigorously researched and timely statistics on the key drivers of supply/demand, imports, exports and global storage levels across multiple regions.
  • The impact of geopolitical events. Study expert analysis on the impact of elections, policy shifts and government decisions on global oil trade.
  • The impact of natural disasters. Read unique insights on the impact of major disasters or breakdowns across the oil supply chain.

Reports available for download:


  • Refinitiv Special Report: Saudi Arabia turns to domestic crude for power-generation (August 2020)
  • Refinitiv Special Report: How has Asia's refiners survived Covid-19? (May 2020) 
  • Refinitiv Special Report: OPEC, What is the new normal? (April 2020)
  • Refinitiv Special Report: Demand destruction, Steep production cuts – Are there any winners? (April 2020)
  • Refinitiv Special Report: China Coronavirus to lead to distillate supply glut (February 2020)
  • Refinitiv Special Report: Fuel Oil Markets 2020 (January 2020)


  • IMO2020 Report (October 2019) – New
  • Saudi Armaco Drone Attacks - Impact Analysis (September 2019) Now Available
  • Venezuelan Crude Exports since U.S. Sanctions (February 2019) 


  • OPEC's Exit Strategy (June 2018)
  • Impact of U.S. sanctions on Iran - OPEC's convenient exit strategy (May 2018)
  • Iran - Looming sanctions threaten the country's oil industry (May 2018)
  • IMO 2020: The Sulphur Conundrum (April 2018)
  • Performance of Russian Oil During President Putin's Latest Term (March 2018)


  • Forties Pipeline System Deadlock (December 2017)
  • KRG and Independence - What to expect for Oil Markets? (October 2017)
  • The Economic Impact of the Potential Oil Sanctions by the US to Venezuela (September 2017)
  • US Gulf of Mexico Oil Supply - Tropical Cyclone Update II (August 2017)
  • US Gulf of Mexico Oil Supply - Tropical Cyclone Update (August 2017)

Reports and Updates

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