China Market Data

As global investors and traders look to benefit from the opening up of China, Refinitiv has a wealth of data on the Chinese markets to increase transparency into the opportunities and risks of this region.

Why choose our China Data?

With the continuing internationalization of Chinese markets, there is growing demand for reliable, unique insight to help financial markets participants trade, make predictions, unlock investment opportunities and navigate potential risks. See how Refinitiv’s data can place you at an advantage.


Adding over 300,000 new economic series to our global market leading financial database Datastream. Designed to help investment professionals and academics explore trends, generate and test investment ideas and develop market viewpoints on China, the new data includes detailed sector level information as well as provincial, regional and national macro-economic data covering over 600 cities with over 200 indicators. 

Belt & Road Opportunities with BRI Connect in Eikon

BRI Connect app, which is part of a suite of tools enabling the global investment community to identify investment opportunities around the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) via a database monitoring over 2,600 projects.

Benefits of our real-time China Data:

  • Richer content – better timestamp precision/increased price boundary
  • Complete content from the feed (new field identifiers and new instruments)
  • Full tick and lower latency data
  • Faster updates – new content available immediately
  • Standardized and logical global data models (standard for like data and consistently calculated data like the volume weighted average price (VWAP) in field identifier 3403
  • Normalized and standardized enumerated fields, as well as native codes. For example: status (e.g. halt) and phases (e.g. auction)
Access to CFETS

The only domestic trading platform and pricing center for forex instruments. The China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS), also known as the National Interbank Funding Center, provides a series of services covering issuance, trade, post-trade processing, information and benchmarking for the interbank FX market, money market, bond market and derivatives market. This data enables traders and investors to understand pricing and liquidity, manage risks and mark to market. 

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