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With coronavirus being the first true social-media "infodemic", it's key to understand the primary impacts on markets and how we can measure them.

Dr. Richard Peterson, MarketPsych’s CEO and Refinitiv's Katarina Harvey, Quantitative Feeds Specialist, present the latest research and insights on the current pandemic.

They discuss:

  • How does the current Coronavirus pandemic compare to past epidemics?
  • What is the global market impact of infectious diseases and fear?
  • What's the timing for selling before fear-induced market selloffs? And how will we identify a market bottom?
  • How to use Refinitiv’s MarketPsych Indices to monitor and forecast the outcomes of global events through news and social media sentiment data.

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    60 minutes
  • Speakers

    Dr. Richard Peterson, CEO, MarketPsych


Dr. Richard Peterson, CEO, MarketPsych

Richard Peterson is CEO of MarketPsych Data which produces psychological and macroeconomic data derived from text analytics of news and social media. MarketPsych’s data is consumed by the world’s largest hedge funds, banks, and governments. Dr. Peterson is psychiatrist and an award-winning financial writer, an associate editor of the Journal of Behavioral Finance, has published widely in academia, and performed postdoctoral neuroeconomics research at Stanford University.

Katarina Harvey, Quantitative Feeds Specialist, Refinitiv

Katarina is a Sales & Relationship Manager across major buy-side accounts with a focus on new and innovative technologies in the quant data space.

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