DataScope Select

Get the non-real time pricing and reference data your users need, with the flexibility to only pay for the content consumed. DataScope Select provides on-demand delivery of our universe of over 80m active and retired securities.

Why choose DataScope Select?

With multiple, flexible connectivity options to interface with your platform (GUI, FTP/SFTP), DataScope Select  accommodates an exceptionally broad range of workflows and requirements.

Whether your user is a portfolio manager who needs to view content and schedule data extractions, a fund administrator who requires large quantities of data on a fixed schedule, or a user who needs to make key prices or indices visible on your intranet, they can access the information they require.

Our independent evaluated pricing service also provides daily, transparent valuations with the added benefit of being compliant with regulatory requirements.

Our universe of over 80 million exchange traded and OTC securities includes: equities, fixed income, credit, rates, FX, commodities, loans, derivatives, as well as third-party specialist and broker data.

In addition, your users also control their data consumption with the ability to create customized portfolios and selected content, helping reduce costs.

Check out some of our awards

Waters Rankings 2018
Best Reference Data Provider and Waters Sell-Side Technology Best Data Provider to the Sell-Side

RegTech Summit for Capital Markets
Best Reference Data for Regulatory Compliance

DMR Awards 2017
Best Data Entity Data Solution

Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data
Best Reference Data Provider

DataScope Select in action

Capture any point in time

Use DataScope Select to calculate the net asset value of a portfolio using the point-in-time pricing data.

Rapid onboarding

Your team can be up and running with DataScope Select in 30 minutes following a simple, intuitive onboarding process.

What you get with DataScope Select

A huge source of reference data

Over 80m active and retired securities updated every week, supporting market analysis, meeting regulatory requirements, and more.

Compliance with IOSCO guidelines

Our pricing service is independent and not tied to any index provider, so pricing evaluation automatically complies with IOSCO.

Multiple connectivity capabilities

Extraction, definition, and delivery controlled: manually (interactive GUI); with XML-based actions to (S)FTP servers; using REST API.

Lower TCO

Only pay for the specific content your organization requires at instrument and field level with our flexible pricing model.

Local market expertise

Be confident in the accuracy of locally sourced content with 200 experts in 175+ locations checking and validating data.

Help with regulatory requirements

Meet MiFID II, Solvency II, Global Shareholding Disclosure, and other requirements with comprehensive coverage of legal entity, corporate, and compliance data.

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