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Exploring 4 ESG Trends Accelerated By The Pandemic

What are the 4 key trends that were accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis? Tune into our interview with Guillaume Mascotto, Vice
President, Head of ESG & Investment Stewardship at American Century Investments, to find out.
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How (and why) companies should measure and report on biodiversity?
Biodiversity loss was ranked among the top global risks by the World Economic Forum. However, few financial institutions and corporations have a deep understanding of how nature-related risks can affect businesses and their portfolios. We discussed how (and why) companies should measure and report on biodiversity. And just as importantly, how can investors encourage them and help them to do so. Today's guest speaker: Joël Houdet, Managing Director at the Biodiversity Footprint Company.
ESG & The U.S. Presidential Election: What's Next?
As President-elect Joe Biden enters into a transition stage, many anticipate a significant change in the US climate change policy and the ESG universe in general. What exactly can we expect to happen while the Senate Election results are yet to be announced? Tune in our special interview with Chuka Umunna, Executive Director & Head of ESG at Edelman (EMEA) and a former Liberal Democrat politician who served as Member of Parliament in Britain, and Heidi DuBois, Executive VP and Head of ESG at Edelman (USA).

Sustainability Trends In the Automotive Industry [Climate Risk Analytics]
Find out how the auto industry changed over the last decade and if automotive brands are ready to transform their products to reach the sustainability goals. And, how do changes in the automotive sector affect other industries? Tune into our interview with David Lubin and Timothy Nixon from Constellation Research and Technology, Inc.

Building Climate Resilience: The Role of State Governments (And Why Should Investors Care)

Which role do sovereign and sub-sovereign actors play in building climate resilience? And why is it so important for investors? There are both risks and opportunities you might not have considered yet. To learn more, explore our interview with Joyce E. Coffee, President at Climate Resilience Consulting.

Quick Chat on ESG Disclosure: Through the Lens of Corporate Reporting

How do corporations manage ESG data gaps? How are the key decisions made when choosing the reporting frameworks? Tune into our fireside chat with Suzanne Fallender, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Intel Corporation and Mike Wallace, Partner at ERM - Environmental Resources Management.

Disaster Management: How California Fires & Similar Events Affect The Investor Community (And How to Prevent Them)

How can investors integrate such wildlife risks as the California fires? What are the key changes in disaster management (and what role does climate change have to play here)? And even more importantly, what can institutional investors do to prevent and to mitigate such risk? Tune in the podcast interview with Anita Van Breda, Senior Director, Environment & Disaster Management at WWF, and Alessia Falsarone, Head of Sustainable Investing at PineBridge Investments.

ESG Monthly: 3 Key Trends to Follow in October 2020

What are the 3 key themes in sustainable finance you should know about in October 2020? Tune into our monthly recap episode with Dr. Barnabas Acs, Refinitiv's Global Sales Readiness Director for Sustainable Finance.
How Can Investors Integrate the SDGs Into Their Strategies?
Investors must understand their role in shaping the world we all want. Investment strategies that specifically target SDG goals need to scale, and system-wide initiatives should be mainstreamed. But how can we incorporate SGDs in the investment decision-making process? Tune in the podcast interview with Refinitiv's Andre Chanavat and Julia Walker to find out.
Climate Risk Integration: Regulation, Disclosure and Pivotal Trends | Climate Week 2020
What are the most critical trends that ESG investors should know about when it comes to integrating climate risk? To mark the 2020 Climate Week, we met to discuss the regulatory landscape, challenges related to the disclosure requirements, and opportunities to tap into here and now.

Tune in to hear from Elena Philipova, Refinitiv’s Global Head of ESG and Sarah Bratton, Head of Sustainability North America at Schroders Investment Management.

Institutional Investors Can Help Bring Ethnic & Racial Diversity to Corporate Boards

Ethnic and racial diversity on corporate boards boosts the performance. But how can investors make better-informed decisions in this space and maintain the dialog while driving positive change? Tune into our interview with Sudhir Roc-Sennett, Head of ESG at Vontobel Quality Growth - a boutique of Vontobel Asset Management.

Handling Shipping Risks: the Mauritius Oil Spill Disaster & Lessons for Sustainable Investors

What are the key implications of the recent Mauritius Oil Spill Disaster? And how to manage the shipping risks associated with events of this kind? Hear from Jeanett Bergan, Head of Responsible Investments at the Norwegian pension fund KLP.
Top 6 Tips For Effective and Impactful ESG Marketing

What are the key strategies for financial advisors looking to market their ESG offerings? Discover 6 tips and tricks for sustainable and effective ESG marketing - explore our interview with Paul Ellis, Impact Investing Marketing & Social Media Consultant & Founder of The Sustainable Finance Podcast.
Spatial Finance: Using Geospatial Data to Promote Sustainable Development
'Spatial finance’, where geospatial data is integrated into financial theory and practice, creates numerous opportunities for responsible investors and strives to increase transparency within the financial system for practitioners and data providers alike. How can we harness the opportunities that geospatial data brings?
ESG Monthly: 3 Key Trends to Follow in August'20

What are the 3 key themes in sustainable finance you should know about in August 2020? Tune into our monthly recap episode to learn about the main industry shifts and trends, setting the ESG agenda on a global scale. Guest speaker: Dr. Barnabas Acs, Refinitiv's Sales Strategy & Execution Director, Investment & Advisory.
Sustainable Finance in the Emerging Markets: Key Opportunities & Tips for ESG Investors
As much as we try, we can’t overcome the climate crisis without paying attention to one area: the emerging markets, which collectively account for about ½ of the global Greenhouse Gas emissions. Tune into our interview with Dazzle Bhujwala, Director of Investor Network at Ceres, to learn about the key opportunities and challenges that ESG investors interested in the emerging markets should know about.
Moving Forward With Transition Finance: Your 360° Overview
Can transition finance become the key driver of the global decarbonization efforts? What are the main market movements and challenges surrounding this concept? Will we see growth in transition bonds issuance? Tune into our interview with Sean Kidney, Co-founder and CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative, and Leon Saunders, Refinitiv's Head of Sustainable Finance, to learn more.
Bespoke ESG Materiality Data vs. Broad ESG data: Why We Need Both?
Materiality is one of the most critical aspects of ESG for many investors. The key question is whether investors should only look at those ESG issues that are material for a given company or consider a broad set of ESG factors that are comparable across businesses? Learn more in our interview with Meg Starr, the Global Head of Impact at The Carlyle Group.
Social Bonds Q&A: What Makes a Good COVID-19 Bond and What to Expect Post-Crisis
In April, $12.7 billion worth of social bonds were issued around the world, more than the total amount raised in 2019. What role will COVID-19 bonds play in the post-crisis world, and what makes a good Corona bond? Discover our panel discussion with Viola Lutz (ISS ESG), Federico Pezzolato (ISS Corporate Solutions), and Christopher Wigley.
Investing in Healthcare: Smarter Strategies & Greater Impact in 2020
Get a 360° overview of the key sustainable healthcare investment opportunities in Q2/Q3 2020. Find out which areas are the most promising, how to manage risk, and what to expect as we move forward with tackling the global health crisis. Tune into our interview with Sanjiv Talwar, Senior Healthcare Analyst and Portfolio Manager at Invesco and John Divine, Senior Investing Reporter at U.S. News and World Report.
Sustainable Workplace Post-COVID: Healthy Buildings, Remote Working and Impact Investment Opportunities
Could sustainable buildings have reduced the spread of the virus? Can they help us prevent future outbreaks? Will cities remain the economic powerhouses, and how can companies manage work processes safely? There are certain opportunities that responsible investors can tap into right now...and certain measures corporate offices in cities will have to take to start reopening. Tune into our interview with Julie Lein, Managing Partner at the Urban Innovation Fund and John Haugen, Sustainability & Green Building Consultant.
The Role of Banks in Sustainable Finance & Crisis Mitigation + The Fossil Fuel Challenge
Edelman's latest Trust Barometer shows that trust in the financial services sector surged to a record high of 65% - a drastic change compared to the 2008 financial crisis. So what is the role of banks (and especially - central banks) in driving the sustainability agenda and mitigating the COVID crisis? And, with climate risk becoming more tangible each day, how should investors address the fossil fuel challenge?
Canada's ESG Arena: Spotting Positive Trends Despite Crisis + Best Vector for Impact Investors
The global crisis does not seem to trigger a decline in sustainable finance. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Tune in the interview with Dustyn Lanz, CEO at the Responsible Investment Association, and Kelly Gauthier, Managing Director at Rally Assets, to learn more about the current situation in Canada and explore timely tips for impact investors.
Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) - Untapped Sources for Social Impact Investment?
DAFs have exploded in recent years with well over a hundred billion dollars in assets as of May 2020. Yet, it remains a largely untapped source of social impact investment, and it's getting especially relevant during the COVID-19 crisis and growing attention to investing in healthcare. Discover our interview with Rick Davis (LOHAS Advisors) to learn more.

COVID-19 Lessons: How to Measure "S" and "G" in ESG?
With the current crisis, we can expect a greater focus on the "S" and "G" parts of ESG. But can ethical labor be considered financially material? Is there an overlap between social metrics and governance metrics? And what are the top 3 components that investors should look at when considering social and governance factors? Explore our interview with Guillaume Mascotto, Vice President and Head of ESG at American Century Investments.

ESG and Long-Term Planning Can Play a Pivotal Role in the Post-Crisis Recovery
What role ESG funds, long-term planning and sustainable funds will play in the post-crisis recovery? How can they help us prevent similar economic and business shocks? Tune in to hear our interview with Helene Li, the founder of GoImpact (+ learn about the projections for the sustainable finance in Asia)

Corporate Governance & Black Swan Events: Implications for Institutional Investors
Can corporate governance make a difference in how we handle the current crisis and similar scenarios in the future? And what are the key aspects that institutional investors be should aware of? Find out more in our interview with Andrew Droste.