EU benchmarks inventory data

The benchmarks regulation dataset is a new Refinitiv subscription which provides an inventory of benchmarks and indices compliant with EU Benchmark Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 alongside reference and metadata, enabling links to other content sets.

What is the EU benchmarks regulation?

The EU Benchmarks Regulation (EU BMR) will come into effect from January 2020, introducing a common framework and consistent approach across the European Union (EU).  It aims to ensure benchmarks are robust, reliable, and administered without conflicts of interest.

An index becomes a benchmark within the scope of the EU BMR where:

  • it is used to determine the amount payable under a financial instrument or financial contract, or the value of a financial instrument
  • it is used to measure the performance of an investment fund for the purpose of tracking the return, defining the asset allocation, portfolio or computing performance fees

From January 2020, benchmark users in the EU will need to ensure that they only use benchmarks issued by authorised administrators captured on the European regulator’s register. They will also need to demonstrate adequate provisions are in place to account for a benchmark being discontinued or significantly altered in the future.

How our EU benchmarks solution helps you meet your regulatory requirements

Refinitiv offers an inventory file which contains the full live universe of benchmark RICs identified as compliant with EU benchmarks regulation. This comprises 24 supporting fields including RIC, Perm ID, BMR Compliance and associated administrator details.

There is full integration of the EU benchmarks inventory data within Refinitiv’s DataScope products, which also incorporates functionality to flag OTC and exchange-traded derivatives contracts that have a regulated benchmark as an underlying.

What you get with our EU benchmarks inventory data

Authorised administrator

Refinitiv Benchmark Services (UK) Limited ("RBSL") has been designated as an administrator by the FCA, aligned with the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) principles. We can, therefore, provide solutions which benchmark users can employ with confidence. Find out more >

Integration with derivatives data

For exchange listed and OTC index derivative contracts, Refinitiv can flag if the underlying benchmark is compliant with the regulation; helping you quickly identify index derivatives which are underpinned by a regulated instrument.

Easier data mapping

The information required for the EU benchmarks compliance is aligned to Refinitiv's identifiers (RICs and Perm IDs) making it straightforward to map and gain insights from the data.

Broad coverage

We offer a whitelist of compliant benchmarks, including those not subject to the regulation such as critical benchmarks (e.g. LIBOR), central bank rates, or third country benchmarks.

Flexible delivery

Multiple connectivity options are available to interface with your own platform (GUI, FTP/SFTP, API), giving you control over your data consumption and helping manage costs.

Alignment with ESMA register

Refinitiv closely monitors all ESMA published data to enable us to give timely updates and pass through accurate compliance information.

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