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Fixed income, diversity and inclusion, Islamic indices and more. We are a global, cross-asset provider of indices, for all your performance measurement and investment needs.

Decades of global indexing experience

With over 30 years' experience of index calculation behind us, we are uniquely positioned to construct, calculate, and distribute indices using an unrivalled amount of cross-asset proprietary content and data.

Whether you require indices for benchmarking or the development of investment vehicles, or custom index services, we provide a range of indices and index solutions to meet your needs precisely. With fewer limitations, our indices avoid the usage restrictions and pricing complexities imposed by traditional providers.

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Passive core indices:

Global equity
10,000 stocks from 51 markets, broken down to countries, regions, and sectors.

Independent, transparent definition of the convertible bond asset class over time.

Up-to-date and highly recognizable, for multiple types of exposure.

Fixed income
High-quality measurements of developed and emerging markets at various levels.

Track the performance of a basket of currencies versus a base currency.

Specialized asset class indices:

PE Buyout
Measuring performance of U.S. private equity through liquid and publicly traded assets.

Venture Capital
Comprehensive venture capital index access via innovative proprietary datasets.

Thematic and smart equity indices:

We offer you the opportunity to work with one provider for all your indexing needs.

Our Islamic indices cover the most popular Islamic investment destinations.

Superior index ratings for environmental, social, and governance practices.

Diversity and Inclusion
Measures of diversity, inclusion, and development for 7,000+ publicly listed companies.

Small business
Using market insights from the commercial credit industry to show economic performance.

Index Services:

Institutional-style investment strategies to transform your smart beta fund ideas.

Business Classification:

TRBC Sector
The most comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date sector and industry classification.

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International Organization of Securities Commissions for Financial Benchmarks

We fully support IOSCO requirements and ensure full observance of their principles across all benchmarks that we administer.

As stipulated in the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks, we re-affirm our alignment with these principles. We work continuously to improve the calculation management and governance of the benchmarks and indices we administer to ensure they reflect the highest standards.

IOSCO compliance statement