Can tech tackle integrated risk management?

New technology, organizational changes and regulatory pressures are redefining how firms can approach modern compliance programs. How does your compliance program compare?

Compliance and risk officers globally continue to be held ever more accountable for regulatory shortcomings in a complex regulatory business environment. This podcast and Expert Talk series explores how teams can achieve integrated risk management with modern technology ecosystems, and improve their compliance processes.

To explore this topic we’ve prepared a 5-part podcast series with accompanying Expert Talks in partnership with Radical Compliance. These materials will be a deep dive into the key issues facing compliance and risk officers at large financial firms. The topics covered include: 

  • Regulatory change: the rapid pace of change and challenges facing compliance and risk professionals
  • Compliance frameworks: how fragmented frameworks can often lead to incomplete risk profiles
  • Compliance roles and responsibilities: ownership and challenging relationships with 1st LOD
  • Develop and connect governance rules: risk models and technology capabilities to consider
  • ROI and KRIs: demonstrating the benefits of better governance, risk and compliance technology

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