Refinitiv Nest

Trade with speed and intelligence - The market leader in front-office algo software solutions for the Indian securities market. Quickly scale your operations and comply with new regulatory norms using a variety of trading products, financial data, news and analytics– delivered right to your trading platform. Formerly known as Omnesys Nest.

Why choose Refinitiv Nest?

Refinitiv Nest is an innovative solution offering “Tools of the Trade” for institutional and retail brokers, proprietary desks, and exchanges. These include trading tools, market data, exchange connectivity, and more.

Both foreign and domestic retail brokers, institutional players and banks execute millions of security transactions on Indian exchanges every day. The Refinitiv Nest automated trading system is the market leader in institutional trading and has a significant share in retail trading.

In a dynamic stock market environment like India, where regulators and exchanges are introducing new asset classes and tradable instruments in quick successions, Nest gives you more than just access to data. It also gives you the technology you need to manage your operations with speed and flexibility.

Product in action

Trade on a single platform
All the tools you need to perform key trading functions, including order management, automated and algorithmic trading, direct market access, smart order routing, back office solutions, sophisticated risk management, and more – on a single platform.

Access anywhere, anytime
With web and mobile trading, you can manage your supply chain with speed and ease – wherever you are.

Develop an automated strategy
Nest is a leader in proprietary trading with multiple programming models to help traders and programmers with strategy development.

Scale to match your trading needs
Our exchange solutions are built on the very latest technology, allowing our systems to scale and provide consistent responses under any condition. Whether it’s enabling the exchange, broker and electronic networks to match trades and orders or linking to clearing and settlement networks, Nest is there to support the needs of an exchange.

Execute intelligent transactions with speed
We have made connectivity intelligent, flexible and fast so that you can execute transactions throughout the day just the way you want. And no matter where you are on the platform, the data and analytics you need and want are at your fingertips.

What you get with Omnesys Nest

Fully integrated ecosystem

Integrated front office trading solutions, encompassing OMS, pre-trade exchange risk management systems, support for various front ends, automated trading systems and algorithms.

Multi-hosting options

Available as a firm or broker-hosted model and as managed services.

Customization and scalability

Enhance customer experience and customize your trading needs with support for all exchange order types, by seamlessly integrating with our proven set of APIs and proprietary front-end development.

Mobile trading

Access native mobile apps on Android and IOS for a complete, on-the-go trading experience.

Third-party integration

Seamlessly integrate with third party applications with our proven set of APIs and proprietary front-end development.

Advanced Analytics

Use new charting tools for complex technical analysis and supplement your solution with proprietary content and analytics, including I/B/E/S estimates and stock reports.

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