Out-Psyching Financial Markets: Putting Coronavirus Uncertainty and Social Upheaval in Context
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How do emotions drive asset prices? How is the market sentiment changing around COVID-19 and upcoming elections? And, most importantly, how can investment managers and market analysts use media sentiment insights to generate alpha amid volatility? To get the answers, join our next webinar with Richard Peterson, MarketPsych's CEO.

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Tune in the webinar to discuss:

  • How the media information flow affects our emotions, investor behavior and stock prices
  • The changing sentiment around COVID-19 and the US Elections (and what are the alpha-generating strategies)
  • Long term consequences of social upheaval
  • How to use Refinitiv’s MarketPsych Indices to monitor and forecast the outcomes of global events through news and social media sentiment data

Meet our speakers
Richard Peterson, M.D


Richard Peterson is CEO of MarketPsych Data which produces psychological and macroeconomic data derived from text analytics of news and social media. MarketPsych’s data is consumed by the world’s largest hedge funds, banks, and governments.

Dr. Peterson is psychiatrist and an award-winning financial writer, an associate editor of the Journal of Behavioral Finance, has published widely in academia, and performed postdoctoral neuroeconomics research at Stanford University."
Karen Ashley,

Head of Marketing for the Americas


A veteran of the financial services industry, Karen Ashley is the Head of Marketing for the Americas at Refinitiv, formerly Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk division. She leads a team responsible for driving lead generation as well as supporting retention initiatives across the Americas.

Previously, Karen was the Global Director of Content and Partner Marketing and also worked in Customer Proposition. There she spearheaded a new team responsible for developing effective programs and initiatives to better align the business, marketing and sales in not only the development of new products but also go to market strategies, which are still in place today.  

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