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The Rundown Tank: Americas Oil
Morning trading meetings with Refinitiv
Your in-depth weekly briefing on the global and regional dynamics of the oil industry. Hosted by Jim Mitchell and Corey Stewart - Americas oil analysts at Refinitiv.
Season 2 / Episode #5: S’occuper de Ses Oignons (Mind Your Own Onions)
As the world moves from the generalities to the realities of the Paris Climate Agreement, it's becoming more and more obvious that each countries approach must fit within their particular culture to succeed.
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Season 2 / Episode #4: Energy mix is the utilization of a country's resources
Welcome back to your oil industry briefing for the Americas. In this episode, we explore how energy mix is the utilization of a country's resources.
Season 2 / Episode #3: The Lawyer, The Analyst and The Trader
So, you want to trade crude? During this episode, we are joined by 3 experts: from Rapidan Energy Group, we have Shirin Lakhani representing as analyst, along with Glenn Schwartz as lawyer. And finally, Jim Mitchell as our trader from Refinitiv.
Season 2 / Episode #2: What forces drive the power structure around energy in the Americas?
Tune into your oil industry briefing for the Americas region. This episode explores the incentives that drive energy policy.
Season 2 / Episode #1: Asymmetrical Return to Normal
Your first oil industry briefing of 2021, on energy and the influence it wields, yielding the opportunity for asymmetrical advances and declines.

Season 1 / Episode #26: Pandemic Effects Have Forever Altered Product Flows
This time, we talked about the 2021 refined product flows stemming from COVID-19 effects.
Season 1 / Episode #25: Failure of Imagination & Missed Opportunities
In this episode, we looked at missed opportunities resulting from the failure of imagination.
Season 1 / Episode #24: How the Second COVID Wave Will impact energy?
Tune into your weekly oil industry briefing. This time, we looked at some unexpected impacts of the second wave of COVID-19.
Season 1 / Episode #23: 2021 Outlook Irrespective Of Who Is In The White House
Today we focus on exploring trends that will be going forward into 2021, irrespective of who wins the US Presidential Election.
Season 1 / Episode #22: ESG in energy - what's really going on
We explore ESG as it relates to the energy industry. We compare energy systems and weigh what has been communicated - with the realities of how the full-cycle analysis paints a somewhat different picture. We also discuss how Latin American energy companies fair, and who are leaders in the region (and what are their ESG policies and goals for the future).  
Season 1 / Episode #21: Insights from the future First Nations leader
Explore an inciteful interview with Cree Metis member Gregory John, which will change your perception of Indigenous peoples' involvement with Oil and Gas projects.
Season 1 / Episode #20: Influence and Corruption in the America's Oil Business
Tune into your weekly oil industry briefing. Today we are discussing the impact, influence and corruption in America's oil business.
Season 1 / Episode #19: What's Driving Innovation In The Oil Business?
Tune into your oil industry briefing for the week of September 28. Innovation is in every aspect of the oil business. In this episode, we get a peek at some of the bright spots (and not so bright spots).
Season 1 / Episode #18: Facts - Does the World Have Enough Oil for Our Lifetime?
6,000,000,000,000 barrels oil shale + 2,000,000,000,000 barrels of proven reserves. Does the world have enough oil for our lifetime?
Season 1 / Episode #17: Facts - A Better Way Than Politicizing Energy
Regulations, restrictions and lawsuits are hampering the America's oil business. What's happening next? Special guest on this episode - Tom Olsen, CEO of the Canadian Energy Centre.
Season 1 / Episode #16: How is Oil Production Recovering?
How is oil production recovering in the America's from the worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic? Tune into your oil industry briefing for the week of August 24 to find out.
Season 1 / Episode #15: The make or break of Energy Politics
Politics and Energy are inextricably linked. The impact of this industry becomes the lifeblood of the economy.
Season 1 / Episode #14: Refinery Impacts of the COVID-19 Demand Destruction
COVID-19 demand destruction sped up the refinery market dynamics already at play. Implications for the refined product flow will be profound.
Season 1 / Episode #13: 8 Pressing Questions from "Ask Refinitiv"
In this episode, we have answered eight of the most pressing questions on your mind. From Joe Biden's energy agenda and current M&A deals to the second wave of COVID-19, we explore the impact these topics will have on the energy business.
Season 1 / Episode #12: OPEC Plus' Impact on America's Oil Markets
OPEC Plus' relationships in the Americas are complex and extend far beyond oil. With linkages growing ever stronger, the various impacts are turning into headlines. 
Season 1 / Episode #11: Tomorrow's Trends are Today's Market Details
Understanding what is happening in the market and why it is happening allows us to anticipate trends that will play out for the balance of the year.
Season 1 / Episode #10: Energy - Economic Impact Above its Weight Class
Energy is intertwined with every part of every economy. This week we quantify that impact for the Americas.
Season 1 / Episode #9: Current Oil Projects in the Age of Pandemic
Capital Expenditures in the oil industry have not gone to zero. In fact, investment dollars continue to flow into just about every country in the Americas that produces oil. In this episode, we detail a large number of these projects.
Season 1 / Episode #8: Investments and impacts from China's Belt and Road Initiative
Tune into your oil industry briefing for the week of June 22. China's oil companies walk an intricate road to influence in the Americas...but walk they will.
Season 1 / Episode #7: America's oil market: impacts from the decoupling of US-China relations
As the US-China rhetoric heats up, impacts from this historic decoupling will reverberate for decades to come. Tune into your oil industry briefing for the week of June 15 to learn more.
Season 1 / Episode #6: America's oil market: the more things change, the more things remain the same
Four months into the pandemic, America's crude oil export volumes are down, but the destinations remain the same. In this episode, we dive deep into the destinations and details.
Season 1 / Episode #5: America's oil market: the dollars are in the oil production details
Oil production is certainly curtailed in the Americas. But what will continue to drive the differentials? The answer is: the details of how much and what grades.
Season 1 / Episode #4: America's oil market: never bet against a refinery engineer
Efficiency in the refining sector is all about balancing a multi-billion dollar budget while standing on a political seesaw...poised on the tight rope of consumer demand. Tune in to learn more.
Season 1 / Episode #3: America's oil market: the pathology of debt-fueled growth
In this episode, we looked at various trends in the Americas, as well as the effects and implications of these trends. The principal theme? This time, it's the pathology of the debt-fueled growth strategy and the talk around creating more about sustainable debt levels in the oil industry.
Season 1 / Episode #2: America's oil market: unequal return to equilibrium
As the various oil markets in the Americas search for stability, some of them are finding equilibrium, and some are still in chaos. What's coming next, and how to approach these changes?
Season 1 / Episode #1: Crude oil market: initial COVID-19 impact can now be assessed | Americas
As of May 4, we can start measuring and assessing the pandemic's impact on the crude oil industry in the Americas. Tune in for your in-depth briefing on the key market dynamics for this week.

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